72 Green
72 Green
63 kiwi
09 Light white
28 Dull beige
89 Peacock blue
12 Black
54 Pumpkin orange
74 Forest green
84 Navy
18 Dull charcoal
82 Blue
82 Blue
31 Pink
31 Pink

Roll Top Plain Ankle Socks


Regular price £8.00

Personalisation + £5

Invest in premium socks and feel immense comfort in our Roll Top Plain Ankle Socks.

Made with 46% cotton making them soft and cooling to the touch, cotton-made socks keep your feet dry and airy all day making them essential to your day-to-day.

Pair with trainers and smart shoes for an ideal fit.

Our range of roll-top socks is suitable for customers with pressure-sensitive legs and diabetics.



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