Everything you Need to Know About Sustainable Socks

Sustainable means to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. We, at Tabio, have at heart our planet.

Our sustainable socks are made with one intent: to promote a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle. We use eco-friendly and sustainable materials to achieve the highest quality of socks.

Next time you pick a pair of socks: Make The Difference, Choose Sustainable!

Keep reading to find out more about our sustainable socks.

Food Textile Socks 

Food waste is a global problem. 1.3 billion tonnes of food is discarded every year globally, and this includes food that could have been eaten.  

Tabio, supported by Food Textile, made organic cotton socks, dyed with food ingredients that were going to be disposed. 

The threads are naturally dyed with safe food. 

We use Rooibos tea leaves imported from South Africa to obtain a gentle and vibrant orange. With Matcha leaves, that are previously grinned and sieved, we make a calm and beautiful Japanese green. 

The leaves of Red Turnips are used to obtain a lovely blue. Finally, we use Blueberries to make a lively purple.

The Food Textile socks are available in a pile and waffle style, in a tabi shape and as leg warmers.

Find out more about Food Textile by clicking here

ECO Socks 

The ECO socks are made from eco-friendly materials. 

We use organic cotton grown in a farmland without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers and recycled polyester and cupra from PET bottles.

Different styles are available, from the tiger or leopard print ECO socks to plain roll top ECO socks. Pick your favourite!

Koryo Socks

Discover our new pure cotton range called “Koryo”, proudly 100% ethically grown by Tabio. 

The name Koryo comes from the small city of Koryo in Nara prefecture, where we grow the “Koryo Organic Cotton”.

The cotton is hand-picked to create high comfort and durability. Also, it is botanically dyed with natural ingredients. 

Koyo socks are available in different shapes, from soft roll tops to no-show socks or leg warmers.


Washi Socks

Beautifully crafted, Washi socks are made from a Japanese paper called washi. 

Washi is a paper traditionally made in Japan and processed by hand. It is part of Japanese craftsmanship and it is recognised as an intangible cultural heritage. Washi is commonly used to make origami and recently, clothes. 

Tabio Washi Socks are particularly cool and breathable, made from a crisp texture. Perfect for a Summer outfit!



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