Reward Program

How the reward program works


Create an account and start collecting points


For every pound you spend you will get 1 point


When you reach 100 points you can redeem a £10 off discount code

How to collect points


+50 points


+50 points


+50 points

What do my points get me?

Get £10 off for every 100 points you collect.


How do I sign up?

1. Click 'JOIN NOW' button below 

2. Sign up and join the reward program at Perkville

3. For every pound spend you will get 1 point

4. Start shopping and earn points

How do I login to my account?

1. Click 'SIGN IN' button at the top of the page 

2. Put your login details- registered email address and password

*Please note that Tabio membership account and Reward Program account is different. We use Perkville for our Reward Program.

How do I redeem my discount code?

1. Click 'JOIN NOW' button below

2. Login to your Perkville account and click ‘Perks’

3. Choose your discount code and click ‘REDEEM’

4. The discount code will be valid for 30 days from the day you redeem the discount

5. Copy and paste your unique code at checkout and make a purchase!

Can I use multiple reward discount codes on my order?

You may use one £10 off discount code per transaction at Tabio UK. You cannot combine multiple £10 discount codes in one order. 

Click here for Reward Program T&Cs.