Tabio Sports: Why do you need running socks?

Our mission as Tabio Sports, is to protect your feet and ensure you achieve a perfect run, with an exciting collection of products specifically for professional runners. 

Choosing the right gear for running is essential to protect your feet and legs. With a lot of time and consideration spent looking for the perfect running shoe, many miss out on running socks which are equally important.

Why do you need running socks?

In order to achieve your goals and pursue your ideal run, it is very important to wear the correct footwear that does not put a strain on your legs and knees. The role of ‘socks’ is to protect shoes from pressure and friction and to support the runner’s feet that come into direct contact with them.

For example, cushioning the impact of landing, catching the ground and steeping hard which can absorb the friction that causes sweat.

Tabio Racing Run 3D Nano-Grip Socks

The Tabio Racing run was developed with a 3D Nano grip allowing you to push the boundaries in running long distances.

Made to be extremely comfortable for runners and having a powerful grip, these socks are perfect for outdoor running. The most special part of these socks is the deodorant function which is also antibacterial keeping your feet clean and dry whilst participating in your favourite sports.  

A recycled polyester is used to make the socks more sustainable.

Tabio Racing Run Pro Toe Socks 

High performance socks such as the Tabio Racing Run Pro have been engineered exclusively for professionals who run over 26.218 miles (42.195 km).

How is Racing Run Pro different from Racing Run?

The Racing Run Pro uses a thinner fabric, making it more breathable and lightweight for running. Additionally it almost feels like a second skin, sliding into place perfectly and staying in grip for long distance runs.

With built in arch support and a strategically placed additional mesh giving your feet excellent ventilation, you can be sure to invest in professional running socks.


Meet the Innovators behind the Tabio Running Socks

Katayama Koki

We developed these socks from scratch ‘to meet the wishes of runners worldwide’ with socks that were specifically for marathon runners in collaboration with Tabio.

It was a challenging task to create the perfect running sock but was rewarding when completed, we wanted to to recreate the patterns of existing socks, so we developed a special machine and rubber thread from scratch. as well as creating a prototype which was tested until perfection.

"The experience of the craftsman that really understands what the customers really want, is only possible if you have the knowledge from making socks for over 40 years and the technology that can be adjusted with technological advancements".

The pride from overcoming multiple challenges to create the perfect running sock is something that we are so happy to share with you.

Nittido Co., Ltd

We highly value giving customers ‘comfort’ in our products, this is something that we have not seen in running socks and have always wanted to create.

Getting the perfect finish highly depends on the characteristics of the machine, temperature, humidity, weather, and other factors.

Hence the importance of skilled craftsmanships who can sense the subtle changes and finely adjust the machines and materials to create the perfect finish. Almost every manufacturing process incorporates a blend of machinery and experienced craftsmen to create high quality socks.


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