What is Dopamine Dressing?

Dopamine Dressing is the best way to elevate your look.

It isn't necessarily about wearing the brightest colours in the room, but classic and stylish pieces.

The thinking behind dopamine dressing is that wearing items you love will boost your mood. There aren’t studies that conclude everyone releases dopamine when wearing a specific type of clothing, but experts say there’s something to this trend.

In fact, a great outfit can ignite a positive feeling. If, for example, you feel super confident in red and you receive compliments from others while wearing the colour, your dopamine response can signal that good things happen when you wear red. 

Below are 4 ways you can incorporate Dopamine Dressing into your lifestyle:

  1. Analyse how certain items make you feel.

  2. Choose colours that excite you.

  3. Experiment with new textures.

  4. Capture your personality with accessories. 

Below you can shop our most popular items that are are perfect for Dopamine Dressing.

The Collection

 Limited Edition | Mens Checkered Print

Our best-selling print socks are now back with this vibrant checkered print. Inspired by the art of vibrant prints often worn in the late 70s and 80s. Featuring an array of checkered stripes with a pop of colour. Bold and full of life, the colours are a perfect spring/summer blend.

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Tabio Mens | Power Fit Crew Socks

Our Power Fit Socks were designed for one purpose: comfort during any occasion. Each pair features 50+ years of passion and tradition.

Our original cotton thread is absorbent and breathable, available in different colours and perfectly suited to active or leisure wear.

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Multicolour Stripe Mid-Calf Socks

Looking for a colourful and vibrant sock for the office.

Not only are they extra stylish, but super soft and cosy for all-day wear. Engineered with a premium cotton blend keeping your feet dry and cosy with it's breathable material.

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Tabio Men | 100% Cotton Socks

Beautifully crafted, these socks use the finest Egyptian cotton. These 100% Egyptian cotton ribbed mid-calf socks are particularly soft to the touch and have a wonderful fit.

Customisable : Get embroidery with our 100% cotton socks

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Chic Bicolour Mid-Calf Socks

Our Bicolour socks are perfect for the office! Made in Japan from an 84% premium cotton blend that is soft and velvety. Features a 2 colour block that is stylish and trendy.

Best styled with smart shoes or trainers.

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Multi-Stripe Crew Socks

Our cotton striped socks have a reinforced toe and heel for comfort. Crafted from a 24% cotton-rich blend that's cool and breathable for your feet. Making it the perfect sock for all-day use, whether at home or outdoors.

Best worn with trainers or smart shoes.

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