What should you wear? based on your favourite colour 🎨

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We cannot deny that certain colours can affect our mood, but did you know your favourite colour can also say a lot about your personality?

Read on to find out what you should wear based on your favourite colour.


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If Your Favorite Colour Is Orange…

Tulle Jagged Pattern Low Crew Socks

You are not only joyful, happy, & creative but you love to express your emotions and are a warm person. You draw people in with your youthful exuberance.

Try wearing our orange tulle socks!


If Your Favorite Colour Is Purple…

Jacquard Ribbed Low Crew Socks

You’re a calm and compassionate person. Keep expressing your creativity through the way you dress. Confident and modest, which is a quality your friends admire most.

Try wearing our jacquard purple socks!


If Your Favorite Colour Is Blue…

Roll Top Plain Socks

You’re level-headed and confident. Loyalty is a huge part of who you are. You’re always learning and surround yourself with what you’re most passionate about.

Try wearing blue roll top socks like this!



If Your Favorite Colour Is Red…

Sheer Gingham Check Low Crew Socks

You’re full of love! The energetic and passionate attitude is what your friends love the most. You’re also a keen fashionista & always down to try the latest trends.

Try wearing red tulle like this!


If Your Favorite Colour Is Green…

Sheer Front Plants Low Crew Socks

A level-headed and practical person. You strive for a balanced life and want others to succeed. You also have a taste for the finer things, but that never gets in the way of your passion for giving back.

Try wearing green like this! 



If Your Favorite Colour Is Pink…

Premium Colour Tights - Pink

You bring sweet and feminine energy! giving others a calming effect. Your friends and family describe you as warm and empathetic. To you, being powerful doesn’t mean being the loudest in the room.

Try wearing pink like this!


If Your Favorite Colour Is Black…

Fine Sparkling Knee High Pop Socks

You have an agile and sophisticated style. You definitely have an air of mystery to you. Your friends see you as a decision maker and good for advice when they have troubling situaitions.

Try wearing black like this!


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